Integrating and Sustaining Influences

What is sustainability and why is it important?

Sustainability is all about reaping a return on investment and ensuring that those benefits are permanent. Change also needs to be integrated which is all about ensuring that change

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and improvement in one business area does not damage results in another. Sustained and integrated change therefore delivers results across the organisation in such a way as to ensure long term success not short term bonus.

Many change initiatives fail or do not realise their full potential because the initiative was too short term in its approach or else did not “speak” to the whole organisation.

One of the key challenges in consulting advice and delivery is the need for both consultant and client to think both holistically and systemically about the impact of any change or improvement.

The Zeven Model deliberately puts the need to think across the organisation on the agenda.

The four key Integrating influences which we believe deliver sustainable success are:

1. Cross Organisational Impact
Our project team will be charged with responsibility to think across the organisation and to advocate this at any decisions points in our process. This will ensure that all initiatives are clearly aligned with the entire organisation and business processes.

2. Leadership for Success
It is vital in any change that the leadership team know how to manage and influence change for success. As such all our assignments can include a sequence of executive coaching to guarantee that the leadership team is focused, engaged and supportive of any actions agreed and planned.

3. Change Readiness and Engagement
After the leadership team comes the vast majority of staff. It is vital that the whole

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organisation works together in change. As change management experts Zeven will work closely with you advising you on change and plan initiatives with you and increase engagement for the long term.

4. Organisational Health
One key aspect of our engagement will be to assist you in creating a healthy organisation at all levels and as such we will help evaluate your organisation using a robust assessment model. This will then allow us to plan initiatives with you that will focus on the vital areas of organisational health which will ensure sustainability in the long term.