How We Operate

We tailor our approach and solution to each situation based on our Engagement Framework. To see more detail about a specific stage, click on the tabs below:

a) Scoping Engagement
Understand your challenges, expectations and objectives
Define right questions for addressing your challenges
Establish clear scope of the project
b) Mobilisation
Mobilise the joint team and project governance
Finalise a project plan /a stakeholder engagement plan
Baselining activities
c) Strategic Vision
Establish an integrated solution vision
The Zeven Diagnostic ©
d) Delivery Phases / Milestone QA
Stakeholders’ expectation management
Robust Delivery Assurance Framework
Monitor business case throughout the lifecycle
Deliverables sign off
e) Post-Engagement
Lessons learned meetings with key stakeholders
Continued dialogue and support to ensure sustainability
We do not disappear when the bill is


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